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Emily SmithI’m Emily Smith, a proud graduate of Aspen View School Division. Born and raised in Athabasca, I attended WHPS, LTIS and EPC throughout my grade school years. When I was younger, I remember thinking that I could not wait to get out of our small town, but as the high school years went on, I realized that living in a small community was something I took for granted. I always used to get frustrated with my dad, as a quick trip to the grocery store would turn into an hour-long visit with many friends in passing. I chuckle as I’m sure that once my daughter is old enough to understand, she will soon share the same frustrations with me! That’s the thing about small towns, is that everyone treats each other like family, teachers included. I remember many teachers at WHPS, LTIS and EPC going above and beyond each and every day. If you didn’t understand a concept, or needed help with a personal problem, there were many teachers who took time out of their own day to make sure they could offer support. 

Although there are a number of teachers in Aspen View that I will never forget, one teacher in particular will remain a positive influence in my life. Mrs. Hope Bradfield taught me Grade 3, was a dance mom to one of my fellow ballet dancers, and later became a colleague at LTIS. I remember fun games we played in Grade 3, city trips to dance competitions and later, offers for support as a new teacher. It was positive role models such as Mrs. Bradfield in school, and through my dance teachers at the Athabasca Dance Society, that I decided to pursue a career in education. 

Activities such as Flying High, Turkey Trots, Terry Fox Runs, cross-country runs, career fairs and potluck lunches make up some of my fondest childhood memories. As a staff member, I gained insight into the amount of extra work and time that teachers put in to hosting these special events. Some of these events would not be possible without the small-town setting, like the Muskeg Creek Trails at LTIS, and extra commitment from staff members. 

Today I am happily teaching at Whispering Hills Primary School. I teach Grade 3 and Grade 1, and I wouldn’t trade a day in the classroom for any other career. I find joy in connecting with members of the community and helping our children to become proud members of our little town. Someday soon, my husband and I will be lucky enough to see our daughter treated with the same care and shaped by the same values that we were shown growing up in Aspen View.

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