Reminder: Inclement Weather/Road Conditions

Reminder to school families: Inclement Weather/Road Conditions
Posted on 01/08/2024

With the winter season (finally!) upon us, Aspen View Public Schools wishes to remind our school families of some general guidelines around student transportation and inclement weather and road conditions, as well around school closures. Detailed information is contained in Aspen View Schools Administrative Procedure 131: Inclement Weather/Hazardous Road Conditions.

Dress for the weather

We ask parents/guardians to please take responsibility for ensuring that students are adequately clothed for the existing weather conditions. Wearing appropriate winter clothing is essential in the event that a school bus experiences a breakdown.

Bus cancellations

School buses operate on all school instructional days, but may be cancelled when inclement weather and/or hazardous road conditions or other emergency reasons constitute a significant hazard to student safety.

  • The Superintendent is obligated to cancel school buses, either across the entire division or for entire communities, when the temperature is -40 C or below (with or without wind chill).
  • In addition, the Superintendent has the authority to cancel student transportation, either across the division or for specific communities/schools, based on hazardous conditions such as extreme snowfall, limited visibility, freezing rain, etc.
  • As much as possible, the Superintendent and Transportation Coordinator endeavor to make decisions on bus cancellations as early in the morning as possible, or the night previous, if conditions are adverse and expected to continue.
  • Individual school bus drivers also have the authority to cancel or alter their route in the event of adverse weather to ensure the safety of students.
  • In the event that weather conditions become adverse during the school day, bus drivers communicate with school principals, the Transportation Coordinator and the Superintendent to facilitate the early departure of students. The school will contact all parents/guardians to ensure that someone is home to receive the child. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the student will remain at the school until the parent has been contacted to make alternative arrangements.

Communicating bus cancellations

We encourage school families to use the Bus Status mobile app (available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play) to receive real-time updates on school bus delays and notifications.

Bus route cancellations or delays are also noted on the Aspen View Schools website, as well as on the websites of any Aspen View schools affected by the delay/cancellation.

When warranted, school bus cancellations will also be shared through Aspen View’s social media accounts.

School closures

Schools remain open on all scheduled school days if at all possible. The safety of the students shall be the primary criterion to determine whether a school remains open. The decision to close a school due to weather or hazardous conditions rests solely with the Superintendent.

School principals will ensure that a plan is implemented to open all commonly used school entrances by 8:30 a.m. to accommodate students and parents who are not aware of school closures. Principals will ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for any students who do arrive at school, and schools will be only be fully closed once it is ensured that all students have been safely dispatched and accounted for.
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