Chromebooks through BCOM

Aspen View Public Schools continues to work with BCOM Computer Centre in Edmonton to offer special promotional pricing on new Chromebook laptop computers for Aspen View students and their parents/guardians.

To take advantage of this special pricing, you will need to access the BCOM Education Portal and create an account using a valid email address and the Aspen View school access code (copy/paste):


This access code is ONLY for use by current Aspen View Public Schools students and their parents/guardians.

The link to the BCOM Education Portal for Aspen View can be found here.


Aspen View Public Schools is committed to using the power of technology in a purposeful and meaningful way to deepen understanding and demonstrate learning. We strive to create an environment where each student has his or her own device.  1:1 devices will allow our students to 1) have greater access to all the resources necessary for learning, and 2) develop digital citizenship and social responsibility.

Does my child have to bring in their own device?

Aspen View Public School students are not required to bring in their own devices, although they are encouraged to bring their own device if it is one that supports learning in the classroom. Students are not required to bring their own device as the school will have devices for use that can be shared amongst students. The BYOD Initiative is entirely optional.


If you are considering purchasing a device for your child without going through BCOM as stated above, we recommend that it have the following:

  • WiFi Internet connectivity (through Wi-Fi or other means)
  • Ability to connect to Google Apps for Education
  • A keyboard - attached, Bluetooth or touch screen
  • Word processing capability (should be able to produce more than 1 paragraph)
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Ability to integrate images, video and sound