Teacher Welding Course

Weld Done!

Three Aspen View Public Schools teachers – Sarah Sarvis from Vilna School, and Jeremy Faulkner and Kelly Kijewski from Edwin Parr Composite School – were among 10 teachers who took part in a three-day welding training session at Lakeland College in Vermilion in early December.

Working with Journeyman welding instructors, the training helped participants gain confidence and competence in their welding skills in order to enhance the programs they offer in their respective schools.  It was also an opportunity for the group of professionals to collaborate and share best practices related to their teaching.

“I thought that this was a great program,” said Sarvis. “It provided us with in-depth information that we can look into and gave us a lot of hands-on experience. I found that the hands-on section prepared us to help students learn how to weld in a safe and effective manner.”

“I really enjoyed the teachers and found them invaluable when it came to giving me a variety of welding trade experiences that I can apply with my students in the future,” Faulkner added.  “This was a great way to implement professional development as it is difficult for CTS teachers to find trade training-specific PD.”

“The college has so much to offer each and every student,” Kijewski said. “It was an invaluable experience to be able to go and see it and to participate in it, and I look forward to taking students there, as well as further PD there -- two thumbs up!”

Credit: Lakeland College


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