O'Shea, Neil - Superintendent of Schools
Penney, Karen - Associate Superintendent
Oko, Amber - Secretary-Treasurer
Smith, Shannon - Director of Student Services
Wesley, Donna - Director of Curriculum and Technology
Support Staff
Ledieu, Tammy - Executive Assistant
Silkie, Vicky - Payroll - Certificated
Kerbes, Bernie - Payroll - Support Staff
Goettlicher, Barb - Accounting Coordinator
Marks, Darcy - Accounting Assistant
Boyd, Lee Ann - Purchasing & Records Coordinator
Walling, Amy - PowerSchool Coordinator
Hunter, Ross - Communications Officer
Aleixandre, Ernest - Director of IT Services
Sigurdur, Jason - System/Network Analyst
Fokkema, Phil - Technician
Buchanan, Brad - Help Desk Technician
Ferris, Cory - Help Desk Technician
Munteanu, Ovi - Help Desk Technician
Alix, Rhonda - Coordinator
Systems Support
Madden, Janice - Literacy Coordinator
Student Services
Boersma, Shelly - School Counsellor, Student Services Consultant
Borgen, Jenifer - School Counsellor, Student Services Consultant
Passmore, Alissa - School Counsellor, Student Services Consultant
Kwiatkowski, David - Supervisor
Cherniwchan, Leslie - Maintenance - Smoky Lake
Feledichuk, Paul - Maintenance - Athabasca
Muzyka, Dennis - Maintenance - Thorhild
Roch, Gary - Maintenance - Thorhild
Board of Trustees
Bauer, April - Trustee-South West
Cherniwchan, Donna - Trustee-South East
Karczmarczyk, Anne - Trustee-North Central
MacNeil, Dennis - Chair, Trustee-North Central
Mykytiuk, Tom - Trustee-South Central
Nikipelo, Candy - Vice Chair, Trustee-North East
Sand, Nancy - Trustee-North West