Talk Box

A parent's guide to creating language-rich environments

Welcome to the Talk Box! The Talk Box was put together by speech-language pathologists to share ideas about creating language-rich environments for preschool and school-age children.

Children learn language everyday. Parents play an important role in their child's speech and language development. The Talk Box shares ideas and activities for creating language-rich environments. It has everyday tips, information about what to expect in speech and language development, when to get help, and where to get help. This information is shared in newsletters, activity sheets, and information sheets that parents and professionals can reproduce from this website.

The purpose of the Talk Box is to give parents suggestions to help create language-rich environments at home, in the park, at the mall, or anywhere. It is meant to be a resource for any parent. It is not meant to be a substitute for a speech-language pathologist.

How to Use the Talk Box - A brief description of what is included in the Talk Box, why it was included, and how to use it.

Checklists - What children should be understanding and saying at each age.

Toy Cards - How to use toys to help develop talking and listening skills.

Newsletters - Everyday tips, activities to try, what to expect, when to get help and where to get help, for children birth to 12 years.

Monthly Activities - Seasonal activities, including songs, books and crafts for each month of the year.

Activities - Games that help with talking and listening skills. Games that cost nothing and ones you can buy.

Learning More Than One Language - Information and tips for families where children are learning to speak more than one language.

Resource List - A list of books, DVDs, videos, and web sites with more information about speech and language development.

Referral Card - Where to Get Help when you need it

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