Dual Credit

Dual Credit Programs

Aspen View Public Schools -- in partnership with Alberta Education, post-secondary and industry -- are providing Dual Credit opportunities for students.

What are the benefits of Dual Credit courses?

  • Participating in a Dual Credit course allows students to earn credits in high school and post-secondary institutions at the same time, as well as earn credits that may lead to preferred placement and workplace certification.
  • Students gain confidence to succeed academically in a post-secondary environment.
  • Students use the latest education technologies which prepare them for the technological workforce.
  • Students learn what college and university instructors expect, while still in familiar high school surroundings.

Our college partners are Athabasca University, Lakeland College, Northern Lakes College and Portage College.

If you have questions, please contact Donna Wesley, Director of Curriculum and Technology at [email protected] or 780-675-7080 ext.05.

What follows is a summary of the options available through each college partner, with info on how to apply for each.

Aspen View Dual Credit and Post Secondary Opportunities

Athabasca University

Applications received by the 6th of the month will allow you to begin the course the 1st of the following month.  For example, if an application is received on October 5, you can start the course on November 1.  If an application is received on October 7, you can start the course on December 1.

Click here for the Athabasca University registration form.

Single Courses:

Indigenous Studies 203 - Indigenous Studies I 

Computer Studies 214 - Interactive Technologies (exploration of current and emerging technologies)

Education 201 - The Profession of Teaching

Art History 201 - A Survey of Western Art I: Looking at Art from Ancient Times to the Middle Ages

Anthropology 275 - Faces of Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Accounting 253 - Introductory Financial Accounting

Mathematics 265 - Introduction to Calculus I

Learning to Learn Online (This course is a MOOC.  Students will receive a certificate of completion, and will receive high school credit upon completion.)

Health Studies 200 - Introduction to Human Health

Music 267 - Sound and Sense: Listening to Music

Lakeland College

There are 2 intakes each school year for the dual credit program: one in September and one in February.

Click here for the Lakeland College registration form.

Single Courses:

ED120 - Play – 6 CTS credits

A required course in the Early Learning and Child Care  program and in the Child & Youth Care program.

SC140 - Environmental Sustainability – 5 CTS credits

A required course in 4 of Lakeland’s environmental sciences majors.

HE158 - Health Safety & Nutrition – 4 CTS credits

A required course in the Early Learning and Child Care program.

HS160 - Introduction to Esthetics – 4 CTS credits

This course covers safe practices in the workplace that you would need to work with the public in an esthetics job.

SO102 - Introduction to Soil Science – 4 CTS credits

Learn how soil is formed and its basic characteristics.

Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas 3 CTS credits

Non-credit course… meaning you will not receive a college credit for this course

Learn the steps involved in getting heavy oil and natural gas out of the ground at to market.

Northern Lakes College

Application deadline is six weeks prior to the start date of the course, however, students are encouraged to apply early as the classes can fill up before the application deadline.

Click here for the Northern Lakes College registration form.


Early Learning and Child Care

Educational Assistant

Aspen View has a $50,000 grantfrom AB ED that will cover all costs for 8 students to receive certification in Early Learning and Child Care / Educational Assistant.

Health Care Aide

Business Administration 

Office Administration

Power Engineering 5th Class – Careers the Next Generation

Power Engineering 4th Class – Careers the Next Generation

Water Wastewater Operator

Oilfield Operator

Intro to Surveying

Electrician Apprenticeship

Single Courses:

Addictions Counselling Courses

Practical Nurse Courses

Primary Care Paramedic Courses

Social Work Courses

University Transfer Courses

  • Introduction to Aboriginal Issues
  • Introduction to Values and Society
  • Introduction to English Language and Literature
  • Health Education: Personal Health and Wellness
  • Canadian Politics: Institutions and Issues
  • Introduction to the Study of Society
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Portage College

There are 2 intakes each school year for the dual credit program: one in September and one in January.  Some programs run beginning in January and some in February.  Some programs only run if there is a large enough cohort… which means the sooner you apply the better as your application could be the one that is needed to ensure a large enough cohort.

Click here for the Portage College registration form.

Multiple Course Programs:

Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician (HET) – Will only run if we can fill a cohort.

Single Courses:

Computer Science Coding and Robotics

Aspen View has a $50,000 grant from AB ED that will cover all costs for students to take this course beginning in September 2020.

Geared towards grade 12 students and up.

ELA 30 and MATH 30 are co-requisites.

CTS courses awarded:

  • CSE1110 – Structured Programming I

  • CSE1120 – Structured Programming II

  • CSE1240 – Robotics Programming I

  • CSE2110 – Procedural Programming I

  • CSE2120 – Data Structures I

  • CSE2240 – Robotics Programming II

  • IMF3010 – Hardware Software Analysis

Introductory to Calculus 100

New: Spring 2020

Esthetics Trailer

School administrators can request to be put on a wait list to borrow this trailer.

Introductory Cree / Introductory Dene 

Delay to an October start for teachers, February start for students.

Global Issues

Introduction to Statistics and Research Methods (STAT 141)

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Tech Tools for Teaching and Learning

Human Development (ECDE100)

CTS courses awarded:

  • CCS3110 Early Learning and Childcare 1
  • CCS3120 Early Learning and Childcare 2
  • CCS3130 Early Learning and Childcare 3
  • CCS3140 Early Learning and Childcare 4
  • CCS 3150 Early Learning and Childcare 5

University Transfer Courses:

High school students are eligible to have the fees waived for one university transfer course per semester (only the tuition fees are waived, books/resources need to be purchased):

  • SOCI101 – Introduction to Sociology
  • PSYC104 – Introductory Psychology
  • HEED105 – Personal Health and Wellness
  • ORGB193 – Organizational Behaviour
  • MARK166 – Marketing
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