Alberta's Dual Credit Framework

Education for students in the 21st century takes place beyond the four walls of a school. Through optional career-based high school programming, such as Dual Credit, Alberta's students engage in post-secondary learning experiences that can assist them in completing their high school education and in making meaningful transitions from high school to postsecondary and/or the workplace.

The Alberta Dual Credit Framework is led and managed by Alberta Education on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

Dual Credit has been Redefined as:

Programming authorized and funded by Alberta Education in which Grade 10, 11, or 12 students can earn both high school credits and credits that count toward a postsecondary certificate, diploma, or degree, including a journeyperson certificate.


  • By implementing the Alberta Dual Credit Framework, students have access to Dual Credit opportunities to personalize their high school experience and build on or discover their career passions and interests.


  • Increase learner retention and high school completion rates.
  • Increase participation of young adults in post-secondary programs.
  • Assist students in making meaningful connections to the labour market.
  • Effectively operationalize, support, and foster sustainable Dual Credit programming.

Guiding Principles

  • Student-centred: Students are the focus of all decisions pertinent to Dual Credit.
  • Flexibility: Students have increased choice for their learning.
  • Accountability: Student success is accurately captured and reported.
  • Sustainability: Students are assured stability and continuity of Dual Credit opportunities.
  • Excellence: Students benefit from the integrity of secondary and post-secondary education systems.

Types of Courses

The Dual Credit Framework takes into account two types of courses. These are called single enrolled courses and dual enrolled courses.

  • Single Enrolled Courses

  • A single enrolled course is typically instructed by an Alberta certificated teacher who has the credentials to teach the course at the school.

    • Single enrolled courses are generally CTS Apprenticeship Pathways courses for which students receive credits on their high school transcript. For example, the CTS Plumber First Period Apprenticeship courses are taught in a high school by an Alberta certificated teacher who is also a journeyperson plumber.
    • Students will receive the appropriate CTS courses on their high school transcripts. Students may also receive credits, exam eligibility, or advanced standing at a post-secondary level.
  • Dual Enrolled Courses

  • A dual enrolled course is one that is instructed and/or supervised by both a post-secondary instructor and an Alberta certificated teacher.

    • Students may receive credits on both their high school and post-secondary transcript if all assessment requirements are met under the Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12 (for high school credit) and under the post-secondary controlled assessment process (for post-secondary credit). For example, CTS Health Care Aide (HCA) courses are taught in partnership with a postsecondary institution (PSI) with instruction provided by the PSI's qualified instructor in collaboration with an Alberta certificated teacher. Students will receive the appropriate CTS HCA credits on their high school transcripts and will receive the appropriate post-secondary credits on a post-secondary transcript.

Non Dual Credit CTS and Credentialed Pathways

Non Dual Credit CTS courses are still available for students, these being:

  • Provincial courses or pathways such as preferred placement and workplace certification opportunities;
  • External credentials achieved through workplace certification pathways such as CompTIA Network+ and First Aid in Child Care;
  • Off-campus education programming such as green certificate, work experience and RAP.

CTS courses and pathways that lead to workplace certifications and external credentials can be printed on a students' transcript.

Creating New Dual Credit Courses / Programs

  • $2 million in funding per year has been made available to create approximately 40 new dual credit start-ups province-wide per year.
    • Aspen View and our partners will work together to determine Dual Credit opportunities suitable to best support the needs and interests of our students, schools and local communities; we will then apply to AB ED for funding support to help support these start-ups.

Dual Credits Currently Available in Aspen View

  • Aspen View is able to access courses and programs that have been created by other school divisions and their partners throughout the province.
  • Aspen View offers dual credit individual courses and certificate / apprenticeship programs that have been developed in partnership with our local colleges
  • Athabasca University
    • Indigenous Studies 203
    • Computer Studies 214
    • Education 201
    • Art History 201
    • Anthropology 275
    • Accounting 253
  • Northern Lakes College
    • Early Learning and Child Care courses
    • Educational Assistant courses
    • Health Care Aide Certification
    • Business Administration courses
    • Office Administration certificate
    • Power Engineering 5th Class
    • Power Engineering 4th Class
  • Portage College
    • Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician certificate
    • Personal Health & Wellness course
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    • Introduction to Psychology course
    • Introduction to Sociology course
    • Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning course
  • Lakeland College
    • Environmental Sustainability course
    • Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas course
    • Introduction to Soil Science course
    • Play course
  • Locally Developed / Independent Contractors and Alberta Transportation
    • Class V Drivers

Upcoming New Opportunities

  • With Careers the Next Generation and Nait or Northern Lakes College:
    • Water and Waste Water Operator Preparation Program
  • With Northern Lakes College:
    • Oilfield Operator Training Program
    • Electrical 1st Period Pre-employment
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